Beautify Saratoga

Rainbow over House, Photo by Ken HarveyDo you spend hours making your yard the most beautiful on your street? Is your grass so beautiful and thick that the neighbor kids think it is actually carpet? We have the contest for you!

General Information 

  • Registration will be open from May 18 - June 16
  • You must submit a photo of your yard to be used for voting with your registration
  • Print and display the participant sign
  • Voting will take place June 22 - July 10
  • Winners will be announced via social media in July


  • Grand Prize- $250
  • 2 Runner Ups- $100 each

Facebook Event Page link


available June 22


For your convenience, we have included a photo and the address of each home that is participating in the Beautify Saratoga Yard Contest in the voting survey.  These photo’s are to assist you in the voting process by reminding you of what you saw in person. They are not intended to be voted on.  The photo’s are not indicative of the true experience that you get when viewing these yards live.  We encourage citizens to view the yards in person before voting. 

Voting Opens June 22 

Click here to vote for your favorite yard!

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