Apparatus & Equipment

Types of Apparatus

Saratoga has three types of fire apparatus to deal with the different types of fire incidents within our response area. The apparatus types are:

  • Structural: Used for suppression of fires involving primarily buildings.
  • Wildland / Urban Interface: Midsize apparatus with a rated pump and four-wheel drive capability designed to protect homes adjacent to wildland areas.
  • Wildland: Used for fires involving vegetation and undeveloped land.

Apparatus Roster

  • 1998 Yamaha Exciter Rescue Boat
  • 2-watercraft for water rescue
  • 2005 Compair compressor (portable Compressor to fill SCBA bottles)
  • A-261 2006 Wheeled Coach F-350 ambulance
  • B-261 2003 F-350 Type 4 Rescue and Brush Truck
  • Chief 261 2008 Ford-150
  • E-261 2007 Smeal International Engine
  • E-262 2005 Pierce International Engine
  • HB-261 2006 F-550 Type 6 Heavy Brush truck
  • Light trailer and generator
  • R-262 1999 Ford Ranger Rescue Truck
  • R-263 2005 Polaris 6x6 Ranger with trailer for EMT, gear and 1 patient off road rescue