Flag Football

Program Details 2017


June 5 to July 31

Registration Fee

$45 ($10 Late Registration) with $10 extra for a jersey.


Starts on September 16. It is a 8 game season with games on Saturdays. All games will be at local parks. Practices will be up to the coach as to when and where. 7th and 9th may combine with Lehi and follow a schedule where games will be on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


We offer flag football for 1st through 9th grade. Please place them in the grade they will be going into this fall.


All players are required to have a Saratoga Springs jersey. They are the same reversible jerseys we have used in past seasons and for soccer. If you need a new one, they are $10. If you have one that still works, you do not need to buy a new one.

Coaches Needed

If you think you want to coach, please sign up.