Drinking Water (Culinary)

Currently five wells are supplying the residents' water needs. The wells can be run in rotation or in conjunction with each other, depending on the system demands.

Water Quality

At this time, Fluoride is not added to the City's drinking water. A Consumer Confidence Report is filed with the State and published on this website yearly and may also be obtained at the City Offices. This is an annual water quality report for the citizens of Saratoga Springs.

The City of Saratoga Springs takes 6 water samples at various locations throughout the City every month. The samples are tested for harmful bacteria and chemicals, results are issued within 24 hours. Currently all State water quality standards are being met.

Water Levels

  • The PH level for the Saratoga Springs' water is at 7.6.
  • Water hardness tests indicate that the City averages 142 parts per million (ppm), this means that the City has moderately hard water.

Consumer Confidence Reports