Secondary Water Meter Project


The City of Saratoga Springs installs secondary water meters in the community. The meters are part of a water conservation effort that will inform residents of their secondary water use. The meters will also help determine secondary water use rates on a monthly basis.

Project Activities

  • 48-hour notice will be given before work at each residence. A schedule of construction activities will be updated on the City website.
  • A box cover, is to be installed over the meter.
  • The contractor will restore the area to its original state.
  • Secondary water service should only be affected for a short period of time.

Project Benefits

  • A new valve will be installed on all connections that receive a meter. A new valve will improve the City’s ability to minimize service disruptions.
  • Residents will receive a monthly water usage report.
  • Meters will facilitate water conservation and allow the City to test the effectiveness of the conservation programs.