Road Construction

road constructionKeep up to date on the latest road construction projects in Saratoga Springs. Below you will find information and links to UDOT and city road construction projects. All construction timelines are subject to change.  For real time updates on these projects follow us on Facebook @cityofsaratogasprings

UDOT Road Construction

Find out more about what is going on with UDOT road construction projects here in Saratoga Springs. Follow links for more details and contact information. 

Redwood Road 

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is improving Redwood Road south of Pioneer Crossing in Saratoga Springs to reduce congestion and extend the life of the roadway. Construction began summer 2017 and is anticipated to be complete by late 2018. 

UPDATE 5/3/2019: 

  • Beginning at 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 5, crews will prepare the following intersections on Redwood Road for asphalt paving: Village Parkway, Stillwater Drive, Fairway Boulevard and Ring Road. Flaggers will be stationed at these intersections overnight. Drivers should expect brief traffic stops.
  • Beginning at approximately 8 a.m. on Monday, May 6, crews will pave at these intersections starting with Village Parkway and moving north. Lanes will be shifted on side streets to keep traffic moving while the work continues. Drivers should plan extra travel time for Monday morning's commute.
  • Beginning Thursday night, May 9, north and southbound lanes on Redwood Road between Lake View Terrace Road and Village Parkway will shift to the new pavement on the west side. Drivers should watch for new traffic patterns and follow traffic control devices

 Pioneer Crossing Construction and Improvements

As part of the the Redwood Road Construction Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is adding an east-west Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) at Pioneer Crossing and Redwood Road. 

Update: 6/24/2019 

RedwoodPioneer_Right Turn Shift_MapDriver Alert: Tomorrow, 6/25 after 9 am, the dedicated right-turn lane from NB Redwood Rd onto EB Pioneer Crossing will be open. This new lane begins approx. 200 feet south of the intersection. Drivers should also watch for ongoing traffic shifts in this area.

Safety Improvements

The Utah Department of Transportation recently conducted a safety study to identify potential solutions to improve safety on Pioneer Crossing through Lehi and Saratoga Springs. UDOT met with both cities to review and discuss the study recommendations. From the study UDOT recommended to implement the following:

  • Install overhead and side-mounted advanced warning systems at each signal to alert drivers that the signal is changing to red and to prepare to stop. The study identified 2300 West as the top priority for an AWS system, followed by 500 West. These two intersections would be installed first, with the remaining intersections to follow as funding allows.
  • Reprogram the left-turn signals for the EB and WB traffic at 2300 W, 1100 W, 500 W and Center Street to remove permissive lefts (flashing yellow arrows) and implement protected left turns only (green arrows). These adjustments can be made with the existing equipment already installed at the signals.
  • Adding a protected left-turn signal for EB and WB traffic at 1700 West, and
  • Installing curve warning signs with advisory speeds at key points along the corridor.

"Pioneer Crossing is one of the main east-west corridors serving the communities of Saratoga Springs and Lehi. By working closely with our city partners we were able to identify solutions that would improve safety and keep traffic moving on Pioneer Crossing," said Rob Clayton, UDOT Region Three Director.

  • UDOT has moved forward with reprogramming the left-turn signals at all the intersections from 300 East to 2300 West to a protected left-turn movement. 
  • The left turn signal at 1700 West is currently being installed and the curve warning signs will be added in the coming weeks.
  •  The AWS system at 2300 West is scheduled to be installed within the next six months once design work and a contractor is selected to build them.

Mountain View Corridor

Mountain View Corridor is using a phased construction approach designed to balance transportation needs with available funds. Initial construction includes two lanes in each direction with signalized intersections and biking and walking trails. Future construction phases will build out the remainder of the corridor by converting intersections to interchanges and adding inside lanes to achieve a fully functional freeway. Mountain View Corridor will eventually be a 35-mile freeway from I-80 in Salt Lake County to S.R. 73 in Utah County.

Map of closure of Aspen Hills Blvd at 800 WAs part of the project, Aspen Hills Boulevard will no longer connect to 800 West. This will occur on Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018, and will be permanent. Please see the map to understand this closure.
For more information, please contact the Mountain View Corridor team at 1-800-596-2556 or at

I-15 Technology Corridor Construction 

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has major traffic changes coming to Lehi in early November. The new bridge over I-15 at Triumph Boulevard is expected to open and the frontage roads adjacent to I-15 from S.R. 92 (Timpanogos Highway) to 2100 North will convert to one-way roads. Both of these new features will be open to traffic, but in a temporary configuration through late 2020.

Technology Corridor2100 north DDI configuration mapOnce Triumph Boulevard bridge is open, 2100 North will be reduced to one lane in each direction at I-15. To keep traffic moving while crews work on the interchange, it will be converted to a temporary Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) during construction. Drivers should plan ahead for additional delays on 2100 North during a.m. and p.m. commutes or use an alternate route.

To stay informed, sign up for updates at and follow the project on Twitter @i15techcorridor. Contact the project team at 844-401-TECH(8324) or with questions.

City Road Construction

Find out more about what is going on with city road construction projects here in Saratoga Springs.  Send comments and questions to