Garbage And Recycling

Republic Services

Republic ServicesRepublic Services collects trash for for all neighborhoods receiving sanitation services in the city. 

  • Cans should be at the curb by 7 AM on day of pick up.
  • Cans should be brought back in as soon as possible after being emptied. 
    • Saratoga often experiences strong winds that can blow cans about.
    • Residents are encouraged to put their house number on their can in case it is lost.  
  • If you are missed, please contact 801-766-9793 x 100.

If your pickup day falls on or after a holiday that is on a weekday, your pickup day may be delayed by one day. Please see the Garbage and Recycling calendar to verify if your pickup will be affected by a holiday. 

Garbage And Recycling Fee Update

What You Need To Know

  • Fees for Garbage & Recycling bins will change beginning with the January 2022 utility bill.
  • The fee for the first garbage bin and each additional bin will increase $2.50. The new rate will be $15.15 per bin monthly. 
  • The fee for each additional recycling bin will increase $1.34. The new rate for an additional recycling bin will be $4.50 monthly. (Residents do not pay for their first recycling bin.)

Why This Change Is Needed  

  • Cost to provide garbage & recycling services has increased over the last 5 years and the fee has not been updated since 2017.
  • The fee associated with this service needs to be updated to reflect the increase in costs over the last 5 years so the Garbage & Recycling account does not run in a deficit.

Garbage And Recycling Can Adjustments

  • To request additional cans or removal of unneeded cans, use the form below or call 801-766-9793 x 100. Garbage/Recycle Can Adjustment Request
  • To arrange replacement of a can damaged by regular use, call 801-766-9793 x 100.
  • To replace cans lost, stolen, or damaged by misuse, contact Republic Services directly at 801-785-5935. Replacement costs may apply. Republic Services Website

Garbage And Recycling Service Information

Curbside recycling and waste collection days have changed in some areas of the city effective February 15, 2021. Download New 2022 Schedule

Enter your address in the search box on the map below to see what route your home is in. 

 View larger map

  • The city is broken into 5 routes 
      • Red/Friday - The area from the north border of the city boundaries to Harvest Hills Blvd. 
      • Purple/Thursday - The area south of Harvest Hills Blvd to Pioneer Crossing 
      • Yellow/Wednesday - The area south of Pioneer Crossing to Pony Express Blvd. and the Southern border of the Legacy Farms neighborhood 
      • Pink/Tuesday - The northern border of the Saratoga Springs Development to the northern side of Centennial Blvd. and Eagle Park 
      • Green/Monday - The south side of Centennial Blvd and Eagle Park to the south border of the city  
    • Some routes are divided down the middle of the street
      • If you are on a street that is a dividing line your pick up could be on a separate day from those across the street from you 
      • Look at the map closely to verify which day is your day of service
    • Each route will have a different day of service
    • Recycling will continue to be picked up every other week
    • Recycling will be collected on the same day as garbage collection
    • There is no longer a separate calendar for each route
      • Please refer to the map for your day of service
      • The calendar is to assist you in determining which week is garbage pick up (yellow), which week is garbage and recycling pick up (blue), and which weeks pick up will be affected by a holiday (red)
      • Click here for the updated calendar that covers February 15 through the rest of the year. Click here for the new calendar for 2022.
  • Click here for more information and a printable version of the map