Car Seats

Did you know that Vehicle crashes is the leading cause of death for children in the U.S. 33% of the children who died in car crashes in 2011 were not buckled up.

The Saratoga Springs Police Department values each of our citizen’s lives- especially the children. We have a certified car seat technician that can check to ensure your car seat is installed correctly, the seat you have is the correct one for your child, and that they are properly belted in the seat you have chosen. Contact Melissa Hamer at (801) 420-6326 to schedule a free car seat check today. Checks usually last about a half an hour or less for each car seat you have.


The following websites give parents helpful advice on selecting and using their car seats.


Car Seat Manufactures recall car seats for different problems that affect the safety of the children using the seat. The quickest way to be notified of any recalls that affect the car seat you bought is to register it with your manufacture using the card they provide you. If you have lost this card or need to register please go to this link to register your seat. If you would like to look up your seat to see if it has any active recalls use this link Our Car seat technician checks to ensure your car seats haven’t been recalled when you come in for a car seat check.


Most Car Seats expire after 6 years of use. Generally the expiration date is listed on the car seat. Citizens can call the manufacturer or schedule a car seat check if they are unsure if the seat has expired. Once a seat has expired you may drop it off at the following locations: Riverton Head Start at 12891 S. Redwood Rd or the old Bluffdale City Hall Building 14175 South Redwood Road to be recycled. If you are unable to recycle your seat you may throw it away. We recommend cutting through the straps and putting it in a dark trash bag so it is unusable.