Road Construction

Keep up to date on the latest road construction projects in Saratoga Springs. Below you will find information and links to UDOT and city road construction projects. All construction timelines are subject to change.  For real time updates on these projects follow us on Facebook @cityofsaratogasprings

Current City Road Construction Projects

Shoulder Work

  • Redwood Rd (north of Fall Harvest Dr) - August 24 - September 24
  • Pony Express Parkway - August 24 - September 24
  • SR 73 - August 24 - September 24
  • Exchange Dr - August 29 - September 29 

Riverside Drive

Riverside Dr will be narrowed to one lane from October 3 -7 for a utility connection.

Road Construction Update Map (Twitter)

TSSD West Side Interceptor Project


As of Monday, Sept. 12, the Timpanogos Special Service District (TSSD) will be installing an additional sewer line along the south side of 7350 North between Lehi Center Street and Saratoga Road in Lehi and Saratoga Springs. This new line, the Westside Interceptor, will run parallel to the existing sewer line to accommodate growing service needs in the area. The public should expect both sides of 7350 North to be impacted by construction. Construction is anticipated to last through fall 2024.            


  • Day work, Monday through Friday
  • Weekend work as needed
  • Occasional traffic shifts, detours and lane closures
  • Temporary intersection closures at Saratoga Road and Lehi Center Street in early 2023
  • Increased noise, vibration, dust and lighting

 The contractor will maintain a safe and clean project area.


  • Throughout September, crews will be conducting pre-construction surveys in the project area.
  • As early as Sept. 19, tree removal in the city park strip along 7350 North will take place and last through the end of September.

For more information on this project go to the TSSD Project Page.

TSSD Project Map on 145 South between Saratoga Road and Lehi Center Street

Foothill Blvd. Extension Project

City Council has awarded the bid to build the Foothill Blvd expansion from Pony Express Parkway to Lariat Blvd. The project began spring 2022 with an estimated completion fall 2023. 

  • Project Cost – Estimated Project Cost is $14M - $17M.
  • Funding Sources and Amounts – The City received funding from the Mountainland Association of Governments (MAG) in the amount of $8.5 M and anticipates we will be submitting a request in the near future to increase MAG funding to $10M. This funding will become available in FY 2024. Securing funding for the remainder of the project will be the responsibility of the City. The City may pursue additional grants and funding sources for this project as they become available.
  • Project Scope - This project will extend the existing Foothill Boulevard (800 West) from its current southern terminus at Pony Express Parkway approximately 3.2 miles south to Lariat Boulevard. This first phase will be designed as a 3-lane minor arterial with one travel lane in each direction and a continuous center lane. It is anticipated that between Pony Express Parkway and Grandview Boulevard this roadway will become part of northbound frontage road of the future Mountain View Corridor when it expands to this location.  South of Grandview Boulevard the roadway will be remain a local road.
  • Brief Description - This project is an important component of the future regional transportation system since it will be constructing what will become the northbound frontage road for the future Mountain View Corridor. When completed it will provide a connection to the existing Mountain View Corridor via 800 West. This will provide congestion relief to Redwood Road by providing an alternate north-south route along the west side of south Saratoga Springs where approximately 11,000 residents currently have only a single road to access their homes.
  • Current Actions – The City has solicited Statements of Qualifications from engineering firms in order to select a consultant to provide planning and design services for this project. Once selected, design on the project will begin immediately.
  • Next Steps - The City will simultaneously be working on right-of-way acquisition and on an advanced funding agreement with MAG to facilitate a fast tracked timeline of construction.
  • Timeline – Work has begun on the project.Map of Foothill Blvd. Extension project


$350M has been programmed by UDOT at their STIP workshop last week to build MVC from 2100 north to Porter Rockwell starting in 2023 with a 2 year construction period and they are also funding the Environmental Impact Study or EIS on Foothill Boulevard a.k.a. Mountain View South