City Plan

Covid-19 City Plan image


The City of Saratoga Springs’ plan during the orange phase of the governors 2.0 plan is as follows. More details and updates will be provided on the website soon for individual City Departments.

City Services

Public Services

  • Limited public occupancy to no more than 20 people at a time.
  • City Council & Planning Commission available on Youtube.
  • Justice Court continued operation.
  • Submit public input electronically to email listed on public notice.



  • In an effort to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, the City of Saratoga Springs is temporarily closing the use of all playground and bathroom structures at City Parks, as well as the fields and courts at Patriot Park. 
  • As an added measure, the City Parks Department is still performing playground inspections and is simultaneously spraying down playgrounds with a disinfectant spray.
  • Parks currently remain open to the public. However, we also encourage residents to follow the social distancing guidelines in the orange phase of the governors 2.0 plan by refraining from gathering at trailheads or outdoor spaces and continuing to practice self-quarantine and social distancing. Click here to read the Governor’s directive.



  • There will be various virtual and social distancing events scheduled through the summer. For information on these events click here. 

Only Flush Toliet Paper

With many practicing social distancing and staying home all day instead of going to work and school, sewer systems across the country are seeing more waste than usual in concentrated areas. 

As a city we want to avoid sewer backups, so remember Flush Only Toilet Paper and Natural Waste.

For more information on this issue see the attached article by the New York Times: