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Garbage/Recycle Can Adjustment

  1. Garbage/Recycle Can Adjustment Request

    If you already have a City utility account, you can use this form to request additional garbage/recycle cans or removal of unwanted garbage/recycle cans.
    ***To request replacement of a can broken by regular use, call 801-766-9793 x 100.

    ***To replace cans lost, stolen, or damaged by misuse, contact Republic Services at 801-785-5935.

    Questions? 801-766-9793 x 100 or
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  5. Agreement:
    Removal: I agree to place the *EMPTY* can(s) for removal at my curb no later than 7 a.m. on the Monday following successful submission of this form. If the can is not removed that day, I will place the can for removal on Thursday. (Note: Requests must be received no later than 4 pm on the Friday prior to delivery date. Requests received after that time will be honored the following week.)

    Delivery: I agree to pay an additional monthly fee for the can(s) requested ($12.65 per garbage can/$3.16 per recycle can).
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